WMV (Windows Media Video) is the new standard at Microsoft for audio and video. WM-11 runs only on Windows XP and Vista, and was developed and is controlled by Microsoft for its MPEG-4 video encoding Convert AVI to WMV Software Downloadtechnology. AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is the most common format for audio/video data on the PC and is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Quick Time.

The format of WMV is to encode information in a file. The type of file is either binary or ASCII, and also important to it is how the information is organized. AVI to WMV joiner permits adding a series of movie clips together into one movie and lets you design slideshows of your favorite photos with background music of your choice.

Windows Media Player will work with audio files including ASF (advanced systems format), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), MPEG audio, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Intervace), AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format), Sun Microsystems and NeXT, Audio for Windows (WAV) and CD Audio track.

Video files that will work in Windows Media Player are ASF (advanced systems format), Windows Media Video (WMV), Audio Video Interleave (AVI), Media Center Recorded Television, MPEG video, and DVD video.

There are numerous software programs available to set your computer up to edit WMV files. Many are quick, efficient and easy to use. Blaze Media Pro’s editor feature will let you edit, save back to the original or a new file. Direct video editing is available for WMV, selected MPEG and AVI files and ASF. It will permit numerous functions including deleting frames, cropping, mirror, text overlay, audio volume adjustment and other options.

River Past Video Cleaner also is available to convert from AVI to WMV, but requires installation of Windows Media Format runtime. It must have the codec for your system installed in order to decode the files you will be converting. If the Windows Media Player can’t play the file, you must install the correct codecs. You must select the output format, change the video settings, change the audio settings, select the output directory and click convert.